River embankment characterization: The shared using geophysical and geotechnical tips

River embankment characterization: The shared using geophysical and geotechnical tips


Recent flooding occasions in Northern Italy (especially in the Veneto area) bring introduced river embankments inside focus of community focus. A majority of these embankments are more than 100 years old while having already been over and over repaired, with the intention that detailed information to their present design is typically missing out on. The tabs on these architecture is now founded, generally, on graphic check and localised proportions of the embankment materials parameters. But this monitoring is generally inadequate assuring a sufficient protection level against flooding. Therefore there is certainly an ever-increasing demand for fast and precise examination practices, eg geophysical techniques. These skills can supply detailed information regarding subsurface tissues, is non-invasive, affordable, and faster than conventional methods. However, needed verification in order to provide dependable listings, specifically in intricate and reworked man-made buildings such as for instance embankments. Contained in this papers we provide an instance study in which three different geophysical skills have been used: electric resistivity tomography (ERT), volume domain name electromagnetic induction (FDEM) and soil Penetrating Radar (GPR). Two examination internet sites have now been selected, both located in the Province of Venice (NE Italy) where Tagliamento lake enjoys huge embankments. The results gotten by using these tips have now been calibrated against proof fixing from geotechnical research. The advantages and drawbacks of each and every technique, in addition to their general merit at determining the precise attributes of the embankments here, were showcased. The results prove that geophysical skills provides really useful ideas for embankment characterization, provided that the info explanation was constrained via immediate research, albeit restricted in room.


The dramatic flooding happenings that took place North-Eastern Italy, and particularly in the Veneto Region, in highlighted the ultimate susceptability that characterizes the regional lake embankments, in addition to pushing importance of something enabling a significantly better control of these structures. Proper characterization of levees as well as their foundation layers was, generally, one of several resources for ton risk minimization. This issues is caused by the exemplary alterations in water grade that adhere competitive precipitation activities and certainly will cause the collapse of the levee system. The components of embankment failure, which incorporate the streamside plus the landside hills (also the basis layer), were from the improvement in the hydraulic program of river flow. Including, high-water amount a€“ prolonged over time a€“ may steadily lead to saturation of this containment structures, decreasing her weight. However, an instant turning down on the water-level, such as those taking place when you look at the ancestry stage of an overflow, causes the introduction of risky filtration power towards streamside.

The heterogeneity inside the whole grain hydraulic residential properties of soil creating the embankment and its particular foundation may cause the forming of preferential seepage pathways and/or the removal of earth particles in the long run ultimately causing crash (interior erosion). Erosion can also occur in discontinuities along firm structures inserted from inside the levee. Burrows excavated by creatures including beavers and nutrias may also be dangerous triggers for interior erosion.

In practice, the procedures defined above aren’t effortlessly noticeable, as they evolve without having any trivial facts up until the failure associated with levee program. As embankment spying try, actually, currently considering aesthetic inspection and localized specifications (example. utilizing piezometers) from the soil variables, its rarely shocking that the common spying try inadequate assuring an adequate protection stage. This is why exactly why the interest in smooth and comprehensive, while nonetheless informative, investigation strategies was rapidly growing. Geophysical method may be a viable option, since they are responsive to soils/rocks real qualities and variables which, subsequently, tend to be connected with whole grain proportions, porosity, water information, and temperatures (Reynolds, 2011). These dirt characteristics https://www.datingmentor.org/eharmony-vs-okcupid and condition factors can hence create details about subsurface properties and that can feel particularly beneficial in locating subsurface top features of geotechnical and manufacturing interest. Additionally, these methods can protect large parts of the investigated system, often with meter solution, in fairly small amount of time.

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