The wire guy’s tips: specialist declaring to operate for times Warner wire was informing all on Reddit

The wire guy’s tips: specialist declaring to operate for times Warner wire was informing all on Reddit

People claiming as a period of time Warner Cable technician is actually spilling ways on Reddit.

Times Warner wire, the second-largest company of TV and online sites in the usa, told Quartz that it is considering the posts. “We’re unable to verify when this individual is obviously a present or previous worker,” a spokesman mentioned.

Reddit consumer cableguy_the began an “Ask Me something” (AMA) bond, uploading images of their ID badge and consistent as proposed proof their job. Their answers to the concerns coming in are incredibly candid. Here are a few features (typos protected).

On Comcast’s pending purchase of Time Warner cable tv:

We would like the merger since latest people responsible will be the worst in latest records. Lots of people getting discharged as a result of difficult metrics. All of the energy was fond of customer support reps and stripped through the people that really visit the residences and fix trouble . It’s in pretty bad shape and organization is being operated like crap IMHO [in my very humble opinion].

In the tension between technicians and customer care representatives:

Yea customer care staff and specialists are combating a battle that not one person sees. We dislike all of them, they detest united states. They tell consumers the issue is the equipment if it hardly ever was. We determine subscribers to simply ignore what the chap throughout the telephone states because it’s likely that good, he has got never wired a residence, hung a drop or solved cable.

On what’s truly wrong together with your relationship:

Don’t feel 50percent of just what representative from the mobile informs you. Merely arrange the technology. Permit him function. He’s complete this before. The rep only suggestions phones. it is rarely the gear evoking the problem.

About information to get better assistance:

When a technology shows up ,ask for his superiors amounts. Tell him it’s just not to lose your but to escalate a concern. He could contact their sup to be certain the cool but which will help.

On what’s avoiding more quickly net down load speeds:

In all honesty, standard analogue wire. Required up sooo a lot data transfer . 1 channel per volume vs connecting numerous frequencies to produce 8 networks for a downstream and 4 for an upstream . As we go 100per cent digital tv.. net will have more quickly. Furthermore congestion. If you reside around a college it’s the worst . Grandmother might use the woman 15 meg for mail and searching but younger Johnny college child sucks within the data transfer in the region using netflix and torrenting and video gaming. However they spend alike. IMHO what would fix this is capping facts and providing everyone uncapped increase.

On why splitting the cable tv link was a bad idea:

Putting in a splitter to simply attenuate the transmission is really stupid we already have products known as attenuators that do this without including unnecessary splitter. However it is true that too much sign is equally as terrible as insufficient we contact that distortion

On whether this Reddit AMA costs your their work:

I would become discharged according to whom grabs me personally. I would will also get an added bonus their so difficult to tell using the way this business is currently structured.

How Wi-Fi signals were unreliable, might end up being vanquished by gates and wall space:

Indeed best shown. Plaster structure especially.Solid timber doors, being in a cellar after router is on the next flooring or the other way around. Wifi was a fickle creature.

On your “broken” cable tv modem:

Yea I notice this many. I would personally say in certain season I might state 5percent associated with the modems I switched had been in fact defective. We manage most puppy and pony program and simply swap it in any event. The thing is typically perhaps not gear related. Modems either services or they don’t. Discover very little around. They might be very simple equipment. We have show clientele making use of my own personal laptop computer anything operating fine, subsequently turn back once again to their particular devices and everything visits shit. They nevertheless require a brand new modem..Its insanity.

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